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Equal parts human-centered and business-minded

I'm a UX Designer who is passionate about using digital transformation to solve business problems and am experienced in working with and supporting small business owners through the creation and implementation of new operational tools and systems, to grow their bottom line and increase market share.

Now that you've read through the boring stuff:

  • I think potatoes are the most versatile of all the foods and ice cream should only be eaten in the summer. 

  • I only go on walks to spot as many large dogs as possible and must always treat myself with a coffee when I'm done - would I be in tech if I didn't mention coffee?.

  • I'm a former Division 1 soccer player so if your company has a rec soccer team, I am here to help (if you hire me for this reason alone, I understand).

What people say about me

Alex Benjamin, CEO, You Move Me

"Christine is one of the most exciting up-and-coming leaders that I have had the privilege to work with. A natural thoughtful leader of people, Christine is incredibly intuitive, self-directed and knows what it takes to deliver high-quality work. She stands out from the pack every day in her work and I would work with Christine again in a heartbeat. I would be happy to be a reference for anyone considering to have her to join their team." 

Mike Dahlman, VP of Operations, You Move Me

"In the time we worked together Christine emerged as the go to person for leading complex projects. We took on a total overhaul of all the training within the organization and Christine was responsible for collecting information from numerous stakeholders and then presenting the information in an accessible way. This required her to learn a whole new software system on top of having to acquire an understanding of all aspects of a business. The results were exceptional and it made the collective knowledge we had far more accessible to our franchise partners and their staff.

Another thing that made Christine such a valuable partner in the business was her ability and willingness to learn and adapt to changing situations. We were often faced with challenging situations where Christine needed to remain calm and problem solve on her feet and she always made things work. I rarely saw Christine get flustered and never heard her complain but instead she moved quickly to solving the problem and we were all better off for it."

Pavlo Tkhoryk, Marketing Manager, You Move Me

"I have worked with Christine for over 18 months and during our cooperation, she has proven to be a hardworking and caring manager who always leads by example.

Christine is an absolute master in project management too. There were a few instances where the team was overwhelmed by the new project idea and didn’t know where to start. With amazing attention to detail, Christine was able to quickly break down the project into tasks, set deadlines and prerequisites so the team can achieve the main goal.

While showing outstanding leadership skills, Christine is also a highly motivated and self-driven team member who is capable to work independently and deliver on promises.

I started my journey at You Move Me by assisting Christine as a Brand Coordinator and I can’t stress enough how grateful I am I had an opportunity to work with her. She is a true example of a leader who not only supports her employees but also gives a high priority to their personal growth."

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